What are the Technical Specifications of AR 15?

What are the Technical Specs of AR 15?

What are the Technical Specifications of AR 15?

AR 15 is such a powerful weapon can be a delight for someone whoever loves to own it. But it can be lethal one if couldn’t handle carefully. AR 15 is having a great competitive market and many experienced manufacturers are creating it. 

So, as a user, if you want to build a AR 15 from scratch then you must learn everything about it. Despite the shape and caliber the AR 15 is divided into two important parts. The Lower Receiver Assembly and the Upper Receiver Assembly. Here we will talk about some technical specifications of AR 15. 

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The buffer tube material is not specified by most of the companies. In fact, the simply carve the 7075-T6 to specify the receiver. And 7075 receiver promises and delivers all the benefits attached to it. 

Receiver Extension Dimension

Commercial extensions are not so much easily available nowadays and the mil-spec tube is not more settled.

Upper Receiver and barrel Fitment

A gun ramped container on carbine ramped leaves a clear edge to jam the rifle. In this design, the front of the bullet gets stuck. And you can choose from the options of carbine to carbine, rifle to rifle, rifle to receiver or carbine to the barrel. 

The Barrel

The barrel has such distinguished specs including Independently Certified Mil-Spec Barrel, HPT and MPI Barrel, 1/7 Twist Rate, Barrel Extension with M4 Feed Ramp, USGI 5.56mm NATO Chambers, Chrome Lined Bore and Chamber, Mil-Spec F-Marked Advanced Front Sight, Taper Pinned Front Sight Base and, Manganese Phosphate Barrel Finish on Entire Barrel.

Quality Control

The High-Pressure testing and magnetic particle Inspection are enough to justify the quality of AR 15. Few companies add BCM which is the reason for making it expensive. 


5.56 NATO is the chamber type and it is with a higher pressure than .223. The .223 offers more accuracy with good specs. A variety of hybrid chambers are available


Chrome Bore and Chamber

The bore and chamber of the barrel both are chrome lined. You must go for the quality and let the producers decide what to update now?

F-Marked Front sight post

Another signal to show the quality of AR-15 is F Marked Front Sight Post. It has edge over the standard sight. And of course, quality can’t be compromised.

The Bolt and carrier

The carrier is made of 8620 steel while the bolt is manufactured of Carpenter-158 tool steel. The rest is decided over the quality.

Auto carriers

M-16 Auto carriers have the fair possibility of getting used as the auto carrier for the AR 15. The dimension and weight are as same as the original.


Staking has no comparison and it’s important. Staking simply includes the two screws, bolt carrier gas key, and the castle nut. 

So, now it’s all up to you to keep all the spec in mind and go get the AR-15 from the best manufacturer of your preference. To decide on the best you can compare the product from different companies side by side to raise one of your choices.

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