Scary Monsters Take Over High School

Scary Monsters Take Over High School

In an astonishing marketing preparation from the regular way of launching dolls, collectors will see a new trend. A good illustration of this is the marketing of Monster High Dolls that features the latest way in doll making. Most lovers have described this set as the inheritants of monster figures because the ones that appear: freaky, flurry and fearless characterize this collection. The characters are five girls and a boy and they hit the stores a couple of weeks a go. For any toy fan, this is a perfect combination.

Interestingly, there has been a big advertising effort targetted at the Monster High line. It’s a new approach to the market, and there has been a noticeable change from the traditional way where a doll is introduced into the market, the ROI evaluated and then the subsequent introduction of other related products. A scrutiny of some of the dolls reveals Dracula, who faints at the sight of blood, Clawdeen Wolf, who spends 99% of her time removing her fast growing hair and Frankenstein, who loves looking for cute, scary clothes.

Complete with the aura of scary haunting habits, these toys have various accessories amongst them diaries, pets and apparel. Worth noting also is the fact that some of the components such as the messenger bags, coffins and many more can be bought on their own.

The creation of the marketing campaign has seen the manufacturer venture into cartoon creation. You can buy an individual character in contrast to purchasing the whole set.

Monster High are the best example of the setting away from the traditional nice looking toys like the Clawdeen Wolf Doll. Monster High Dolls have the outlook of freaky and trendy in mind and these are the two of their most interesting characters.

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