How To Find The Perfect Shetland Pony For Sale

How To Find The Perfect Shetland Pony For Sale

If you are interested in a Shetland pony for sale, there are many great reasons to buy one, since they are great companions and make excellent mounts for children.  Shetlands have a lot of character and are quite stubborn, unlike tamer breeds of horses.  There are several things that any owner or potential owner should realize — first and foremost that these are true horses and need the same quality of care as a larger horse.

Ponies, Food, and Exercise

Each Shetland pony for sale needs to be able to roam around and get plenty of exercise.  A paddock or fenced-in area needs to have enough space to move and crop grass.  The fence itself needs to be tailored to a smaller horse, since a Shetland will be able to sneak under a fence meant for a larger draft or riding horse.  If necessary, use electric wire to divide a pad into different sections, keeping difficult horses away from one another or away from very rich grass and dangerous plants.  A horse needs lots of water, at least ten gallons per day, while a mineral block will be beneficial for getting the nutrients they cannot get from regular diet.

Training a Pony

It is possible to train a Shetland to run and jump the same way that you would for a full size horse.  A collar with a lead rope is necessary, fitted to size, and adjustable at the nose with proper buckles and clasps.  For a younger horse, the adjustable collar is most practical since they will soon grow larger.  Their nasal piece will need to be loose so that their mouth can work but not so loose that they are able to get it caught on a fence or tree branch. If you require more guidance, this site is an invaluable resource.

Roles of a Pony

Why do you want to purchase a Shetland?  There are many reasons to, ranging from breeding to a child’s mount to a workhorse for a farm.  This should affect the size and gender of the pony you purchase, since a male (especially an ungelded male) will be more aggressive and will have more energy to spare.  A younger pony can grow up with a younger child and form a bond, making it easier to train and ride.  If you want to purchase a colt (which tends to be less expensive), ensure that you can find a veterinarian who perform the necessary castration in order to keep the horse docile and non-aggressive

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