Best place to Buy Cheap Treatment Benches

Best place to Buy Cheap Treatment Benches

Best place to Buy Cheap Treatment Benches

Everybody finds comfort at cheap rates for the purpose of treatment success during physical therapy. Buy Cheap Treatment Benches These benches and tables are perfect for both massagers and patients. so do not lose this opportunity and try our products. We are sure that you will always prefer the products which we have made for all cosmetics need.

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 vidaXL massage benches

  • vidaXL Foldable massage bench can be foldable and can be placed in a handbag for the purpose of delivery. The foam of 10 cm thickness is highly filled in it. It can load 150 kg capacity and dimensions of one rounded and one semi-circular bolster are 15 in diameter and 67 cm in length. There is also adjustable and detachable headrest and armrest in it.
  • We offer a vidaXL Collapsible massage bench of 186 x 68 cm dimensions and 17.3 kg of weight having 2 sections with the aluminum frame of the creamy white color is best for Shiatsu and reiki massage and which is one of our best massage benches. its cushions are highly stuffed with 30 mm thick foam. This treatment bench also has a headrest of length 215 cm and 3 armrests of width 112 cm which is adjustable according to the height of the table. it consists of 4 diagonal supports and can bear the load of 150 kg.
  • Meet our next product vidaXL Collapsible massage bench of 2 sections of aluminum frame and 3 kg weight in black color. From here Buy Cheap Treatment Benches(Köp billigt Behandlingsbänkar) Its highly filled cushions of 30 mm thickness are very comfortable and resistive for massage oil and disinfectants. it is adjustable from 59 cm to 81 cm height. Its dimensions are 186 x 68 cm (L x W). its load-bearing capacity is also 150 kg.
  • From all of our products regarding treatment benches, vidaXL Collapsible massage bench having 3 sections with a frame of aluminum in the black color is the. the cushions are filled in which thickness of foam is 30 mm. It contains a headrest of length 215 cm and there are 3 armrests and these can be adjusted from 59 cm to 81 cm according to the need of the user. this bench can be easily mountable and is foldable as well to carry into the suitcase. It can lift the weight up to 150 kg.




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