Aveeno Skin Care Products

Aveeno Skin Care Products

If you are looking for a skin care line made from natural ingredients to solve a whole host of problems, look no further than Aveen skin care products.

Aveeno skin care products are unique in that the base of their original products is colloidal (finely milled) oatmeal, well known for its ability to relieve many skin conditions. Aveeno skin care products have been used for years to relieve itch, soothe chicken pox and hives, and protect dry skin and conditions like eczema, which benefit from extra moisture.

But Aveeno skin care products are more than just oatmeal. Aveeno has used their knowledge of natural ingredients to expand their line of products to cover a wider range of skin concerns, like acne and aging.

The Aveen skin care products now include a facial care line that incorporates the benefits of soy to improve the brightness of the skin, and improve skin texture and tone. In fact, Aveeno skin care products were the first on the market to include these benefits and make them available to the mass outlets.

Recently, Aveen has also expanded upon their line of soy products to include cleansers, treatments and moisturizers that improve the look of skin affected by acne. Only Aveeno skin care products include both the skin loving effects of soy and an effective blemish fighter. Not only are pimples reduced and the skin gently cleansed, but the skin will also appear smoother and more even, with a reduction of red marks left behind by blemishes.

Though the Aveeno skin care products are extremely effective, they are also very gentle, allowing even those of us with the most sensitive skin to use the products with confidence. Remember, Aveeno was developed originally to be soothing to angry skin conditions. Aveeno has been recommended by doctors and pediatricians as a gentle, natural way to relieve many skin problems without the harsh side effects that can occur with some topical medications.

The newest addition to the Aveeno skin care products is the Positively Ageless Active Naturals line, created for maturing skin. This line incorporates a rejuvenating blend of shiitake and mannentake mushrooms, shown to increase cell turnover, and helping the skin feel healthy and look younger. This line is available with a cleanser, moisturizer with sunscreen, and night cream.

A dermatologist recommended brand for over 60 years, Aveen skin care products have now succeeded in providing skin care benefits for all ages, and have been gentle doing so since the beginning.

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