6 Beautiful SIlestone Worktops Colours You Can Choose For Your Home

6 Beautiful SIlestone Worktops Colours You Can Choose For Your Home

6 Beautiful SIlestone Worktops Colours You Can Choose For Your Home

Worktops define the aesthetics of any space. That is why the choice of material for a worktop is a crucial one. Amid the range of options available in the market, Silestone worktops are one of the most popular picks for home décor. Silestone is an engineered material made from quartz along with some binding materials, making it a non-porous surface. Its durable and versatile nature is a critical factor in making it an attractive alternative for home worktops.

Silestone countertops come in varied styles, offering a wide array of selections for surface finishes, edges, and colours. To begin with, you can find polished, rusty, and suede finish surfaces for Silestone countertops. At the same time, the edges include options like basic eased, mitered, ogee, straight beveled, and bullnose. The article catalogs six beautiful Silestone worktops colours that you will like for your home.

  1. White Storm

One of the most coveted elements in the contemporary colour palette is white. Silestone’s pristine white worktops create a uniform and consistent background for your home’s theme. You can complement this white storm worktop with any thematic style of your choice. The neutral look not only makes your space look brighter and more prominent but also adds a refreshing vibe to it. It imitates the look of marble with the durability of quartz. Unlike the Silestone Lagoon worktop, this truly minimalist colour will add the right mix of sophistication and simplicity to your house.

Perfect for: traditional interiors and small spaces

  1. Black Canyon

For homeowners who wish to create an earthy aura, Black Canyon worktop is the perfect pick. A natural blend of brown, black, and grey, the colour particularly complements wooden flooring and cabinetry. The black colour also brings out other elements and subtle colours in the space. Instead of creating an all-black atmosphere, Black Canyon adds a more natural touch to your area. It pairs well with natural moody colours. A plus point for this darker combination is that it requires less cleaning.

Perfect for: dark-themed bathrooms or bedrooms

  1. Calacatta Gold

The Calacatta Gold worktops exhibit an exquisite and luxurious veining style of the Italian marble. It has a bright white background along with grey lines flowing over the slab. This look maintains a neutral theme while delicately giving a touch of contemporary tones. You can find these Silestone worktops in the suede finish as well as matt surface. The slight linear golden flecks add a subtle lavish appeal to the worktops. It looks good in spaces with an all-white theme and brings out a rich flavour. Brass accessories also pair well with the Calacatta Gold worktops.

Perfect for: dining rooms with good light

  1. Eros Red

Bold colours and themes primarily characterise modern homes. One of the most daring and vibrant choices in Silestone countertop’s palette is the Eros Red. It complements a space designed to create a bold and energetic impression. Available in both matt and gloss texture finish, Eros Gold worktops will give a vibrant touch to your home. When paired with other contemporary accents, this worktop is sure to produce a charming vibe.

Perfect for: living rooms with a bold colour palette

  1. Silestone Lagoon

As a part of the Nebula series, Lagoon worktops come with grey-coloured markings on a white background. It imitates the visual appeal of a marble worktop but guarantees the strength and properties of quartz. As is characteristic of the material, this Silestone Lagoon worktop can resist stains, scratches, and other wear and tear for a long time. The details are ideal for spaces that require neutral colours without much lavishness.

Perfect for: kitchens and bathrooms

  1. Marengo

Grey is a popular colour for the fans of a neutral theme. Marengo is Silestone’s intense grey version of worktops. This colour comes with the N-boost properties, making it a water repellent and stain-resistant option. It is available in two finishes: polished and suede. The colour fits well with all kinds of furnishings without producing any overwhelming effect on the aesthetics of the space.

Perfect for: traditional spaces with limited colour options

These are some of the most popular and elegant colour choices available for Silestone countertops. From exotic spaces to transitional interiors, Silestone’s broad colour palette has an option for any and every space. Seek help from this guide to make an informed choice about the ideal worktop colour for your home.

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